Pre-booking your airport parking space is a good idea.
Here are some of the benefits:

Why use Bright Skies?
A parking space is a parking space is a parking space. What sets us apart from other airport parking sites are our green credentials…

Bright Skies has an established relationship with The World Land Trust, who work with local communities around the world to set up conservation and reforestation projects. Since they started in 1989, the Trust has saved over 400,000 acres of rich natural habitat in places as far flung as Belize, Brazil, and India. The Trust also undertakes restoration ecology projects, assisting with natural regeneration of degraded forests through tree planting activities. As well as providing protective environments for thousands of plant and animal species, protecting and restoring forests also help keep carbon locked up in the vegetation and soil rather than losing it to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.

When you book your airport parking space with us, 7.5% of the money you pay goes to this brilliant international organisation. Find out more about how your money helps by visiting

WLT is saving trees

For every £2.50 given to the World Land Trust, 100m2 of Tropical Forest will be saved.



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